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We are dynamic steady growing company which is occupied with developement and production of gaming instruments. The main and the only guidance for us is to ensure high quality of our products. Long time experiences of our engineers are shown in quality of products - as in technical accomplishment as in aesthetic design.

You can check up our products or find out something more about our company by choosing the buttons in the navigation menu on the left. For any information contact us via e-mail abaco@abaco-gm.com - see page contacts.

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Abaco mark unites all tradition and many years of experience in developement and production of electronic automated roulettes. Our main goal was to create a machine which would satisfy all the needs of modern gaming industry and to make it user-friendly and comfortable for players. Beside that we also realized the aesthetic design has very essential meaning. Because nowadays the quality of the final product is one of the most important factors, we decided to dedicate all our attention to every single part of the machine. And we can proudly say that we succeded. We talk about high class machine, which can be found in the greatest casinos, where the quality is the most important.

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It is a pleasure for us to invite you to oncoming 2008 exhibitions. For further details please check our News page.
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