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Abaco production and development of gaming instruments introducing American Roulette, completely automated computer controlled gambling machine. It's a classical ergonomic octogonal design, completely satisfactory to player's needs. Wooden parts are excellent designed, this makes Abaco American Roulette one of the most beautiful and aesthetic first-class gaming machines.

Player station is equipped with one soft-touch keyboard and several other buttons, which enable fast and simple playing – it's possible to place different series (Grand series, 5/8 Tier, Orphans), to double or delete bets... It's even possible to call your winning combination from previous round, simply, just with one press on a button. On each playing station, there is an option to select one of the many languages, which will guide you through the game. There is also a quick help button that explains the basics of playing Abaco American Roulette.

In the center of roulette is placed beautiful wheel made of, which is most important, carefully selected wood. All the parts were made by CNC technology, what assure high quality of final production.

Whole system is running under the high power central computer, to control all consoles, bill acceptors and mechanics. With our software it is possible to maintaining and managing all the system functions like control of the betting history for each player station separately, displaying last ten winning numbers, credit in/out state and many other important data.

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Currently available:

Abaco roulette 8AR
Abaco roulette 5AR

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But our net control software offers more! You can easily control more gambling machines connected to network, view stored data, remote control the machines, printing receipts for each playing station etc...

Available are different ways of credit in: by a bill acceptor, by an electronic key, with coins, by online system; and different ways of credit out: by electronic key, online system or by hopper.

To insure fair play, the computer randomly changes the rotating speed of the Roulette wheel and speed of launched ball for each game. Also betting times can be changed. This totally eliminated predictability of the winning number. And another much important thing is that Abaco American Roulette does all the work automatically, without any errors. In that way saves many employee and training costs. The Abaco American Roulette perfectly combines classic casino atmosphere and computer technology.

Our engineers stay in attention for any special requests of customers, just let us know your needs.